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  • 4th Q update - Increased Search Requests

    Client growth gets 4th Q off to fast start with increased requests for search assistance with newly created roles.

  • 3rd Quarter steady - Aug - Sept 2018

    Steady search activity due to client internal transitions in 3rd Q.

  • Strong 1Q ends. Steady start to 2Q - April 2018

    Demand for specific experiences in manufacturing and technology sectors continues as 2Q starts. Sales, Lean & Continuous Improvement and Operations Management skill sets remain biggest request.

  • Technology Sales demand Increases - January 2018

    Increased activity and demand for technology sales being seen to start the new year!

  • Steady search requests; Increase in "New Openings" - September 2017

    Continued demand for executives with specific industry experience. More newly created openings as reason for searches.

  • 2nd Quarter hiring strong - May 2017

    Increased request for new hires along with consistent replacement hiring. Transitions out of companies increased too creating new openings.

  • Strong 1Q complete - April 2017

    ASG finished a strong 1Q with increased demand for technical hires. Appears to be stronger demand than supply for engineering and technology professionals.

  • Positive Hiring Trends - January 2017 (1st Q)

    Encouraging feedback from clients for increased hiring in areas of: Engineering, Sales/Marketing, Product Marketing and Supply Chain by 2nd Q of 2017.

  • Increased Senior Management hires Q3 2016 - November 2016

    Significant hire increases seen in senior management positions. Majority are transition related with a few newly developed positions to drive growth and better serve customers due to growth.

  • Strong growth in 2016 - June

    Strong search requests across sectors with focus on technical & engineerings roles, VP Level Operations, Supply Chain and Product Marketing.

  • 1st Quarter 2015 very strong - Jan. - Mar. 2015

    ASG experiences strong 1Q results fueled by demand from long-term clients in the areas of Operations Management, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain professionals. Technical engineering openings remain an on-going demand for clients across industries.

  • 2Q hiring demand strong - April 2015

    2Q hiring has started with strong demand in the areas of Engineering, Product/Sales/Marketing talent and Executive Leadership in Manufacturing & Healthcare sectors. Replacement hires and New hires are most common reasons for sourcing needs.

  • 2014 - Steady year - 2014

    The 2014 year was a steady year yet overall number of search requests was down. Increase in number of successfully completed searches noted along with an increase in referral business from long-term clients ASG has worked with over the last 10+ years.

  • Busy Q4 due to increased hiring demand after slow Q3. - Oct/Nov 2013

    Demand for specialized Engineers, R&D, Sales and Program Managers increases in Q4. Available budgets & planned 2014 hiring cited as key reasons.

  • Increased hiring for Q2 2013. - May/June 2013

    Clients are focusing on greater efficiencies and leaner organizations in newest searches. Most are new openings or replacements. Leadership at all levels being cited as a key requirement.

  • Steady start to Q1 2013 - Jan/Feb 2013

    Search requests on par for normal in January with budgets still sited as a key pressure point for hiring managers.

  • Q4 hiring slows from prior year - December 2012

    Election, US Financial situation and uncertain hiring plans sited by many clients as reasons for slower hiring.

  • Q3 ending with steady search requests - September 2012

    Summer slow down did not happen this year! Key issues continue to be attracting highly skilled professionals, relocation factors and candidates being risk adverse to change.

  • Strong Q2 with Supply Chain/Quality high on new searches - April 2012

    After completing a steady 1st quarter, 2nd quarter activity is off to busy start. Most hires due to transitions within client companies.

  • Fast start for 2012, but relocation a growing search factor - January 2012

    January searches off to a fast start. Key technical skill sets in demand while relocation is still a challenge.

  • ASG replacements grow 35% in 2011 - December 2011

    ASG celebrates a great 2011 with a 15% increase in searches and a 35% increase in successful placements!

  • ASG expands search capacity in US for Q3 - September 2011

    ASG engaged in critical searches with existing clients in all major U.S. regions during 3rd Quarter. Manufacturing and Technology sectors led the way.

  • ASG partners with HireVue to expand Executive Search capabilities - July 2011

    ASG is expanding it's Executive Retained Search business per client demand. HireVue is chosen as video partner as ASG becomes an early adopter of leading video technology.

  • Best 6 months since 2006 - June 2011

    ASG experiences major surge in business from past clients that have increased hiring in Q1 & Q2 of 2011.

  • ASG experiences business surge - Jan/Feb 2011

    ASG was awarded more than 15 new executive, management and engineering searches in January-February.

  • New International Searches awarded - November 2010

    ASG was recently awarded two (2) senior level management searches that are internationally located.

  • New multi-billion dollar retail client - September 2010

    ASG awarded four (4) strategic Supply Chain Management searches to buildout Sourcing and Product Development operations.

  • Supply Chain Mangement places key individuals - August 2010

    ASG fills three (3) software consulting and sales roles for global clients in North American operations.

  • July sees increase in hiring requests - July 2010

    Existing clients reach out to ASG for assistance with key Human Resources (HR), Engineering and Operations (Program Management and Lean Manufacturing) opportunities.

  • ASG 'Becoming More' through strategic partnership - June 2010

    A strategic partnership with Becoming More Coaching and Consulting enables ASG to better serve client Organizational Development, Employee Assessment and Candidate Testing requirements. Learn more about at

  • ASG Partners win 12 new searches - April/May 2010

    Several ASG partners recently awarded for new and existing clients. Industries include Hybrid Technology, Consumer Manufacturing, Supply Chain Services, Telecom Start-Ups.

  • New Manufacturing searches awarded - March 2010

    Existing and new clients award ASG with five hires in Human Resources (HR), Finance, Technology, Supply Chain and Public Relations searches.

  • International client awarded - February 2010

    ASG awarded critical Multi-Site Plant Controller search for International Client in North America.

  • ASG opens new Chicago office - January 2010

    ASG Managing Partner, Bob Hajek, recently opened an office in Arlington Heights, Illinois to better serve clients in the Chicago region.

  • Interview with Founder - January 2010

    ASG Managing Partner, Rob Cotton, was interviewed by Rite Site ( founder, John Lucht.